Public Safety Rescue Swimmer 

We offer the following courses:

                    CLASS                                                   LENGTH                       COST    

 Surface Rescue Swimmer Operations      3 days - 24 hours          $400.00 

 Surface Rescue Swimmer Technician       3 days - 24 hours          $400.00 

 Surface Rescue Swimmer Technician       5 days - 40 hours          $600.00 

 Surface Rescue Swimmer Tender              3 days - 24 hours          $300.00 

 Swiftwater Rescue Operations                  2 days - 16 hours           $300.00 

 Swiftwater Rescue Technician                   2 days - 16 hours           $300.00 

 Swiftwater Rescue Technician                3 days - 24 hours          $400.00 

***This training is physically and mentally demanding***

This mandatory swim test will be given on the first day of class for the Surface Rescue Swimmer Operations only.

All students must successfully complete the test to continue training as a rescue swimmer.


The swim test consists of:

  • 25 yard underwater swim - Candidates will enter the deep end of the pool feet first and swim 25 yards under water 
    without using fins, mask or snorkel.

  • 250 yard swim - Candidate will swim non-stop using any stroke. Candidates may push or kick off the sides during turns, but may not stop during the test (i.e. stand on the bottom of the pool, hold onto the sides, float or tread water). 

  • Tread water 15 minutes - Candidates must keep their head above water for 15 minutes. They may use their legs, arms or both to stay afloat.

If a candidate fails the swim test:

  • They will not be allowed to continue Rescue Swimmer training.

  • They will be allowed to continue training to become a certified Rescue Swimmer Tender. 

  • The Rescue Swimmer Tender students will train with the Rescue Swimmer Ops class.

  • No refund will be given to a candidate that fails the swim test.

  • You must be physically and mentally prepared for this class!