Our most asked question:

Q. Why is your rescue swimmer class half the price of other classes?

A. The owner and lead instructor of Technical Rescue Training, LLC, Jason Benjamin, started the company for two reasons:

  1. He's passionate about technical rescue and wanted first responders to have access to affordable, quality classes.

  2. He was disgusted by what he calls "certificate mills".  Jason has attended a few classes during his career where it seemed the instructors were more interested in making money than they were in making sure all the students learned and were able to actually perform the skills they were supposed to be learning. 

If you talk to Jason about the cost of any of the classes TRT, LLC offers, he’ll tell you he makes enough money working as a fire captain, as well as an actor and stuntman for film and television, that he doesn’t have to make a lot teaching rescue classes.  He doesn’t have the overhead costs most other companies have, either.  He also prefers to keep his classes small so he can give more 1-on-1 instruction to his students. 

He demands a lot from all of his students, but gives them everything they need to be successful.  We encourage you to read the reviews left on the Rescue Swimmer Facebook page by some of the students that have attended the Rescue Swimmer class. 

Jason is usually the first to encourage people to shop around when looking for classes.  However, we believe that once you talk to him, you'll see why more and more local, state, and federal agencies are choosing TRT, LLC for their technical rescue training.